Closed auctions

Aquazzura Pommex Z

The ticket to success in sport and breeding

5.Aquazzura Pommex Z

Asca Z x Telstar de la Pomme

°2019 Mare

Sold for46000
Casalita Pommex Z

The filly you always wanted

7.Casalita Pommex Z

Casall ASK x Cornet Obolensky

°2019 Mare

Sold for38000
Coachella Pommex Z

Getting as close as possible to Usha!

15.Coachella Pommex Z

Casall ASK x Kannan

°2019 Mare

Sold for96000
Coco Chanel Pommex Z

Best of Germany, Belgium and France in one filly

1.Coco Chanel Pommex Z

Casall ASK x Vigo d'Arsouilles

°2019 Mare

Sold for50000
Eastcoast Pommex Z

In the footsteps of his father

13.Eastcoast Pommex Z

Emerald x Vigo d'Arsouilles

°2019 Stallion

Sold for48000
Embryo Heartbreaker x Narcotique

Name something more exclusive. We'll wait!

14.Embryo Heartbreaker x Narcotique

Heartbreaker x Darco

°2020 Embryo

Sold for82000
Embryo Mylord Carthago x Nusha

Nothing but Grand Prix genes

6.Embryo Mylord Carthago x Nusha

Mylord Carthago x Emerald

°2020 Embryo

Sold for28000
Embryo Tangelo x Evita

New Tobago in the making

2.Embryo Tangelo x Evita

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Golden Hawk

°2020 Embryo

Sold for24000
Embryo Tobago x Espyrante

100% Stephex

10.Embryo Tobago x Espyrante

Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z x Obourg

°2020 Embryo

Sold for24000
Frozen embryo Catoki x Valentine

Half brother/sister to Ego van Orti

4.Frozen embryo Catoki x Valentine

Catoki x Darco


Sold for19000
Frozen embryo Cornet x Zoe

Legendary sire and dam

12.Frozen embryo Cornet x Zoe

Cornet Obolensky x Kannan


Sold for14000
Frozen embryo Heartbreaker x Espyrante

Direct Heartbreaker out of a golden mare

8.Frozen embryo Heartbreaker x Espyrante

Heartbreaker x Obourg


Sold for13000
Frozen embryo Larino x Elchinni

Full brother/sister to the GP winner Jasmien van den Bisschop

16.Frozen embryo Larino x Elchinni

Larino x Chin Chin


Sold for15000
Hermes Pommex Z

Perfectly bred and born

9.Hermes Pommex Z

Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos x Emerald

°2019 Stallion

Sold for30000
Kamtchacka de la Pomme Z

Direct Kannan filly out of the Fragance line

11.Kamtchacka de la Pomme Z

Kannan x C-Ingmar

°2019 Mare

Sold for26000
Typhoon Pommex Z

Typhoon blowing everyone's mind

3.Typhoon Pommex Z

Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z x Breemeersen Crescendo

°2019 Stallion

Sold for17000



°2019 Stallion

Sold for33500




°2019 Mare

Sold for5000

the slogan


hkj x kjh

°2019 Stallion

Sold for3000
Testpaard 1

0.Testpaard 1

Vader x Vader moeder

°2019 Mare

Sold for5000
Testpaard 3

12.Testpaard 3


°2019 Stallion

Sold for2500
Testpaard 5

0.Testpaard 5

aaaa x bbbb

°2019 Stallion

Sold for7000

Father runs in the Olympics


Vader x Vader moeder

°2018 Stallion

Sold for2500